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  1. I think this specific error will be fixed in the next update. This previous update they focused on installation issues and smaller fixes for improved stability and performance.
  2. Is this service any good. https://www.onair.company/ I looked at FSEconomy but it takes forever to even get an account up and running. They do all account set-up manually. wtf Its free, but everything is too manually, even their add-ons for tracking. OnAir is just an app to install and your done. But its not free. Anyone here using the service and have some knowledge?
  3. This is becoming an actual issue with MSFS. When i use simbrief, skyvector and navigraph for different navigation planning. The made up crap ICAO codes dont match "real" ICAO codes on the planning. Asobo need to address these fairy-tale-made-up bs ICAO codes. Yea, i´m a bit pissed off. Very nice iteration of the airstrip though. Like your work!
  4. A great freeware contribution to Greenland ! Don´t forget to put the folder in the "community" folder of MSFS. https://mega.nz/file/D51FkYwS#R_l08PEw25OmS0f0tVJv2fwv9-B6ysM1-deKA3x2k7Q
  5. Just try to uninstall GeForce Experience and reinstall it. Then push the new update.
  6. 45 downloads

    Developed by Orbx - This is one of their Freeware airports! Download link will take you to Orbx website! Use their Orbx Central program to download this airport - Airport is the perfect general aviation base to sightseeing the beautiful nature and historic cities of northern Oregon. Located just 12 Nautical Miles south of Portland, and 35NM west of Oregon's tallest mountain Mt. Hood, it is a fantastic airport to start your adventures and exploration from. The airport has been built from the ground up for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Installation: Click Download button - Go to Orbx website - Download "Orbx Central" and you are set .. All credit to Orbx for creating this Free Airport.
  7. JaysTwoCents made a video about the topic.
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