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  1. You are really pumping out airport scenerys You make everyone else look bad. Good work, keep it up!
  2. Vertical Sims the payware developer for MSFS and Xplane releases KFFA for MSFS for FREE - The airport itself is famous for being the site of hundreds of pre-flight gliding experiments carried out by the Wright brothers. The Wright Brothers National Memorial, located atop nearby Kill Devil Hill, is a 60-foot granite pylon paying homage to the Wright Brothers and the first sustained heavier-than-air flight. Developer: Vertical Sims Download: Download from Vertical Sims website >>>
  3. Created by Emerald Scenery Design - Talkeetna has been rebuilt from the ground up with custom textures for the runway, aprons and gravel areas. Tree placement in the vicinity of the airport has also been completely redone, now exposing the marsh area to the east of the airport, as it should be. The scenery utilizes mostly default models, but does include some custom models, with plans for more in future updates. — Scenery originally created for gotbush.org. Developer Emerald Scenery Design - Check their website for more flightsim scenery! ***** Talkeetna (PATK) is Freeware ***** Download from Emerald Scenery Design´s own Mega: https://mega.nz/file/iQshFS4a#yNcxy2H_EsZfVj2SphI4TK3Vopyd32deYadfkGU7PIU
  4. UPDATE 9/12/20: This update adds 86 buildings to fill out the Centre and Hlemmur neighborhoods of Reykjavik, and Árbær Open Air Museum. It also adds 4 guyed radio masts with working night lighting to their real world locations in Iceland. One being the tallest structure in Western Europe at 412 meters; the Hellissandur longwave radio mast. The new addon file name is “baddweapon-scenery-icelandoverhaul-v1-4” Developer: Baddweapon - from MSFS forum - Give him some love Donate link, if you want to support his work: PayPal Download from his DropBox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7z8dxu77bo9hxfa/AADci3gd3c7VfgWBZbvtCguUa?dl=0 This addon currently contains around 1000 landscape fixes, brings tree coverage to within a few percent of real life, and adds 128 unique structures around Reykjavik and other areas of Iceland. The tree coverage fixes were based on a map that shows tree coverage of the country. The structures cover iconic and VFR landmarks such as Hallgrimskirkja, Harpa, and the DC3 crash site along with many other buildings within Reykjavik and the rest of Iceland to bring it to life. More fixes and structures will be added with every update! All model attributions are available in the download file.
  5. Initial release of the Yosemite area and VFXSimmer plans on releasing updates in the future. Creator: VFXSimmer - Give him some love for his work. Download his creation of Yosemite from his Mega: https://mega.nz/file/PdND1Y5S#swkEzXs_jiMp_9ATGMsFVFxGcZ7RdTUO6ZIpJOl6s54
  6. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport - ICAO: VOHS Created by AvinashC Download from his Mega: https://mega.nz/file/rI1wzAZL#0MNPOnazC03dyyOlZd4PAwSl0AXOw7RRp1OgZo86tC4
  7. Found a link to this over on the MS Flightsim Forum. I would like to share it with you all... Created by: Brent Springer (Cant find him anywhere so i can´t link to him) Download from his own Mega: https://mega.nz/file/XY1BkAib#8OO49OZXg32gV_vo7CAQrHBHyWP5nLPyoYvmsszv1lk
  8. Absolutely terrific that you put it up on the download section. Its all about sharing for a common interest we all share so the decision was easy. Sharing is caring Thank you for a great VFR contribution up in the alps.
  9. For those who enjoy VFR in MSFS. Text from NoFaceInBook original GitHub page: Altitude Airstrip Casera Razzo in the Italien Alps for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. It is a non official gras runway in the Dolomiti mountains (Vento region) situated on a pass. With the elevation of about 1.800m abouve sea level it might be the highest availible landing in Italy. The short strip with 400m length makes it only suitable for small aircraft. Forced to give an ICAO code, which does not exist in reality, I chose “LID1”. Created by NoFaceInBook - Give him some love! Download from his GitHub: https://github.com/nofaceinbook/msfs2020-airport-CaseraRazzo/releases
  10. Another sydney landmark https://mega.nz/file/3cFG3K6b#5_fO6_zhJKgEghMVumHcKep6kgcmSDVMK7LA3UOR-Nc
  11. A fix for Iceland and the errors in water heights and tree coverage. Creator: Beaddweapon https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7z8dxu77bo9hxfa/AADci3gd3c7VfgWBZbvtCguUa?dl=0
  12. Another small airstrip - freeware - Created by: SiltySaturn4524 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1bv3OrnXtnPz7PcVoG4bh2CTm4XiXQ-Av?usp=sharing
  13. Another freeware airport i found. Münster located up in the Swiss Alps. Creator: Elijah Hoyne https://mega.nz/file/ac9zRTQK#zZFiAKkKx754KKYyYL7r3oWuMCCshre1J2WQE7pg-Xk
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