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  1. Istanbul Hezarfen Airfield is a privately owned airport for general aviation in Çatalca district of Istanbul, Turkey. Developer: Emre Aydin - Publisher: Hasan Elmaz ÖFKE, Simülasyon TÜRK For more information and download visit their website >>>
  2. You can now enjoy TDM Scenery Design´s ( SVBI Barinas Venezuela airport ), they have enjoyed doing it and it is totally free for the community. All they ask in return is I LIKE on their facebook page and that you share the publication. Add downloaded file to the community folder and enjoy flying in Venezuela from and to Barinas. Developer & Creator: TDM Scenery Design - Scenery Developer for Prepar 3D, MSFS and X-Plane Visit their Facebook Page for more info >>> Download from TDM´s Mega download: https://mega.nz/file/1golHQhJ#xhvDQp6cH9w4PT1QexxFG65-42EQy7c7wm6suQLE7Hg
  3. Area is according to the developer still a work in progress. The scenery is about a 1.5GB download and it´s a free download. Creator: AzurPoly The scenery can be downloaded from their Mega: (Note, approx: 1.5 Gig) https://mega.nz/file/CUNWFQpQ#y5wNFHW36JmUq0uYU8cRjbCOM995xgQNJlyuhiV2Te4
  4. Freeware Brazil - SDUN Rio de Janeiro Creator of this airport: Aviation & Simulation Dowload from their Mega: https://mega.nz/file/PIcFSSQa#iZAlH2BpcaNFnWpFH4q42BmhxsDwUZKAmuHar6WCKv4
  5. Seems like a pretty cool landing spot. On the beach!
  6. EDEN Bad Hersfeld Johannesberg https://github.com/christophjurczyk/MSFS2020_EDEN_Bad_Hersfeld_Scenery/releases
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