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  1. Scenery fix for bergen in Norway

    Passing forward a link to a scenery fix for microsoft flightsim at bergen airport in norway.
    ***** I did not do this fix and all credit go to uhenrikx for being generous *****
    Installation is done by adding the folder to the "Community" folder in MSFS


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  2. Alaska Water Fix for MSFS 2020

    NOTE: I did NOT create this fix - i´m just linking to the files on MEGA !

    I just want to share this awesome fix with all community members.

    All credits go to /u/baddweapon for creating this epic water fix for MSFS 2020.

    Anchorage Alaska have issues with the generated scenery with the help from Bing data. This scenery pack fixes water levels in Anchorage.
    Installation for MS Store and Steam:
    Copy files into community folder where you installed the game.
    Again - Credit goes to /u/baddweapon !!!!


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