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  1. Random Flight Database

    Random Flight Database is a simple and easy to use application. It will allow you to randomly choose a flight according to your criteria.
    A default database is already included, but also the possibility for each user to create their own database.
    But it is not all, you can also extract the flights of the day for an airport, or extract the flights over a full week.
    It is an application that allows you to randomly choose from a default database or create flights by yourself according to your choices (type of aircraft, flight time, company ......)
    Why Use RFD ?
    The advantage of RANDOM FLIGHT DATABASE is that it is extracted from flightradar but also from other databases and it chooses randomly among this or these bases according to your choices.
    You can also do many other possible combinations, such as leaving each time from the arrival airport for each flight generated, but also selecting your favorite planes and airports.
    Simply choose the departure airport it chooses for you the arrival airport, but if not, choose the arrival airport it chooses for you the departure airport and all this according to the real data of the airlines.
    You also have the option of creating your own data for inclusion in this software.
    In short, full of possibilities.
    And one of the most important is that once the flight (s) are generated you can send them to simbrief or pfpx to plan this.
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  2. Peeyem

    Peeyem is a simple to use package manager for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It allows you to view all the official and community packages available on your system. Community packages can be enabled or disabled between game sessions to minimize the game’s memory foot print.
    It works by creating soft links or junctions to the enabled packages. No directories or files are moved when enabling or disabling packages.
    .NET Core 3.1 is required to run the application. You can download it here.
    Change Log
    v0.4.1, “Software testers succeed where others fail.”, 2020-10-22
    Added: “Select All from ” sub menu to package context menu to select all packages in the same location or higher as the current selected package. It’s more difficult to explain than to use. Improved: Various performance optimizations. The thumbnail will no longer be read if you set the thumbnail scale factor to 0. Package analysis has been optimized. Improved: Various little user interface tweaks. The package details panel displays the number of airports in a scenery package. The airport list is ordered by ICAO code. You can install package archives in directories by dropping the directory on the package list or the installer dialog. Bug Fix: Failed to detect all airports in packages. “Official/fs-base” contains more than 10,000 airports. Bug Fix: Packages without a layout.json file caused a crash to desktop. v0.4.0, “The design is perfect, the only flaw is that we have to rely on you to fly it.”, 2020-10-19
    Added: Install and uninstall packages from downloaded archives using Peeyem. Added: Drag & Drop support. Drop an archive containing one or more packages on the package list or the installer dialog to install it. Added: An aircraft package shows the liveries it contains in the details panel. Added: Menu item in the package context menu to copy the liveries of an aircraft package to the clipboard. Added: A scenery package shows the airports it contains in the details panel. Added: Menu item in the package context menu to copy the airports of a scenery package to the clipboard. Added: Peeyem can check if a new version has been released at startup or on demand. The default behavior can be changed in the Options dialog. Changed: Folded “Enable / Selected” and “Enable / All” into one “Enable” menu item. Changed: Folded “Disable / Selected” and “Disable / All” into one “Disable” menu item. Improved: Various little user interface tweaks. Bug Fix: The path of the Official Packages directory was not always saved to the settings if it was different from the detected path. Bug Fix: Some keyboard shortcuts were broken. v0.3.0, “I don’t know, I’m making this up as I go.”, 2020-10-10
    v0.2.0, “Trying to think like an end user”, 2020-10-04
    v0.1.0, “Scratchin' the itch”, 2020-10-01
    Initial release Acknowledgements / Credits
    Various icons from Online Web Fonts. 7-Zip, Copyright © 1999-2020 Igor Pavlov.


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  3. SimToolKitPro (Freeware plugin)

    Awesome free tool for tracking your flights in MSFS and other sims.
    Download button will take you to SimToolKitPro website for more information.
    All credits go to SimToolKitPro developer for creating this awesome tool.


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